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Based in Bedfordshire in the United Kingdom, AXSIM was born out of Cranfield Aerospace Solutions (CAeS) - an engineering company with a unique heritage in aerospace and professional motorsport.

With origins spanning back to the end of the second world war, CAeS designs & certifies complex modifications to aircraft and delivers cutting-edge products and development solutions for the world’s largest aerospace OEMs.

It is also acknowledged as a global leader in fully immersive sustained motion cueing technology.

The Technology behind AXSIM

Experts in Simulation

Powered by Cranfield Simulation

AXSIM is a department within Cranfield Aerospace Solutions Ltd, who are globally renowned for supplying sustained g-cueing products to the world’s military simulators.

CAeS patented “g-cueing” motion technology was designed for military fighter jet pilot training, producing a level of realism sufficient to count as actual flying hours.

Having delivered 130 systems to 21 different Armed Forces for over 30 years and achieving a unique 2 million hours of simulator operation for aircraft such as Typhoon, Tornado, F-18, F-16 and Harrier, we are in a unique position to utilise this experience within the motorsport industry.

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With a combination of innovative hardware design and advanced algorithms, the Cranfield system creates the sensation of acceleration in a compact, lightweight, inexpensive and energy efficient package.

Our full motion road vehicle systems provide high-fidelity g-cues for an infinite amount of time which cannot be achieved with any other system. Our platform has a footprint of approximately just 1.8m x 2m, and the entire simulator can be powered by a single mains supply socket.

Our products are in use by teams in Formula 1 as well as many vehicle manufacturers, driver training centres and individuals across the globe.


“Most simulators used in motorsport are little more than fairground rides. This system (Cranfield g-cueing), however, uses a variety of carefully tailored inputs to the body’s sensory system and the driver’s brain interprets these to be the result of real accelerations being applied to the body. If the brain believes it, simulation becomes reality and the training value is considerably enhanced.”
- Ian Poll, Emiratus Professor of Aerospace Engineering, Cranfield University.


Other Motion Systems

With traditional 6-DoF motion platforms also known as ‘hexapods’, excessive roll and/or pitch is used to create the feeling of g-force which usually doesn't match the visuals on screen. This can be a cause of motion sickness to some users as balance is affected. These systems are highly suitable for applications such as passenger aircraft simulation where slow movements of pitch, roll and heave are of high priority, but in motorsport and road car applications this can give the wrong sensation to the driver and be a distraction rather than an enhancement to the driving experience.

Our Capabilities

Our team has the knowledge, skillset and experience to cater for a wide range of customers, whether it is a private individual or large commercial entity.

With multiple production lines we are capable of providing large quantities of units for large venues, as well as singular units for home use.

As well as manufacturing products from our standard product line, as an engineering company with vast design resources we can also produce bespoke simulator solutions to suit your business requirements.

Hand built in the UK - Shipped worldwide.

Please contact our friendly sales team to discuss your needs.



The software physics engine has been developed with practical knowledge acquired from working closely with the elite of motorsport in order to engineer the highest accuracy in physics and a highly connected feel to the cars and the road.

Combined with laser scanning circuit that offer an exact reproduction of track surfaces and track side objects regardless of complexity and size. The sub millimeter accuracy is the reason this method of detail capture is used by all top tier race series including Formula 1. We have an extensive database of tracks from across the globe. By driving many laps on the simulator, learning every bump, turn, kerb and gradient for each circuit saves many hours of real testing and track familiarisation. We also have many of the smaller test tracks which is perfect to make the most of your next real test session.

We have many realistic car models from a wide range of racing series including, F1, F2, GP 3, F3, F4, Formula E, LMP1, LMP2, LMP3, GT 3, GT 4, GT Open, Renault Sport BTCC plus many more including historic cars.

The setups of the cars are as they would be in real life and the simulator reacts in accordance to changes you make in the software.

Our simulators are compatible with all of the major software titles out of the box, and we can also work with you to implement communication with any custom software.

Any car, any track, any time.

We can model your exact car collection in the simulation software, creating your own virtual garage. Including matching exterior paint colours, replicating your modifications in the virtual world, and working with you on the driving physics so it feels just like the real thing. Then the world is your playground.


  • Technology developed at Cranfield University
  • Supplier to F1, NASCAR and LMP teams
  • D-BOX Certified Partner - the world's only FIA licensed haptic system
  • Cranfield Technology - trusted by the world's militaries for fast jet training
  • Exclusive motorsport integrator of g-Seat patented technology
  • The only simulators that can provide genuine sustained g-cueing
  • Energy efficient - powered by a regular mains power socket
  • Featured in WIRED, CAR, Top Gear, Autocar, Uncrate, Robb Report and more
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