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"There's no sound coming from my speakers" 

  • Check for power connection to the sound bar and any loose cables.
  • Check for the correct output sound option from the speaker icon on taskbar and ensure that it is not set on mute.
  • Change the source of the sound bar either using the remote or by pressing the source button on right side of the sound bar.
  •  When connected to the PC, the sound bar shows two white lights on its front face.


"The steering is unresponsive"

  • Check all cables are connected to the back of the Simucube 2 steering motor and ensure led is illuminated.
  • Open “Simucube 2 True Drive” software and ensure operating mode states ‘connected’, and active profile is selected with ‘high torque mode’ enabled.
  • Check that E-stop status is ‘released’. If, E-stop is engaged, un-do the e-stop by twisting the red plunger and try again.
  • From ‘True Drive’ software click 'Paddock' (3rd icon in Simucube 2 True Drive Menu on the left), check that suitable profile is selected.

    "The D-Box motion system is not working"

  • Do a visual inspection to ensure that all cables are plugged in and movement of actuators is not restricted by any wires, and the haptic bridge placed underneath the simulator shows green lights.
  • Check for the live operational data by going to start menu > D-Box > D-Box System Monitor, and check that all the actuators are connected. If there are any red dots indicated, please contact us.

  • If steps 1 and 2 are as expected, go-to start menu > D-Box > D-Box Control Panel and press “Test” button. D-box platform should move upon this selection. Stop test after checking the D-Box movement.
  • Check for the status of game to be ‘readyfrom start > D-Box > D-Box Game Centre > Assetto Corsa (or your chosen game)
  • If D-Box works in test mode but not in game, go to C: > Program Files > D-BOX > Gaming > Assetto Corsa > ACwithLiveMotion.exe, and try running the game through here.
  • If you run Assetto Corsa through content manager, go to Content Manager > Settings > Content Manager Settings > Integrated(from drop down menu on the left) > D-box Integration, and make sure the box is check and in ‘D-Box location’ browse the following path: C: > Program Files > D-BOX > Gaming > Assetto Corsa > ACwithLiveMotion.exe
  • If steps 1 through 5 do resolve the issue please contact us.

    "How do I recalibrate my OBP hydraulic pedals?"

  • Download and extract DI View from here
  • Download and follow this guide - OBP-Pedal-Calibration


"How do I allow remote access to an AXSIM support representative?"

  • Open Start menu and open the Team Viewer software.
  • E-mail us with the User Id and password for remote access.

Customer Support: +44 (0)1234 900321
(Between 8.30am and 5.30pm GMT)

E-mail: support@axsim.racing

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