The leaders in haptic feedback.

For several months, FIA engineers and numerous technical experts of the Federation reviewed D-BOX haptic systems and confirmed it to be the best haptic solution available today.

D-BOX motion codes are programmed in partnership with game studios ensure that realism and responsiveness are maximised. Because they are custom built by a team of in-house professionals, no small details are left behind. D-BOX's haptic feedback goes beyond crude movement and taps into vibrations and textures such as traction loss and cracks of the racetrack surface. These subtle cues, critical for a driver performing on a simulation rig, are what make D-BOX the only FIA licensed option available on the market today.

An unmatched haptic feedback containing much more depth than any other system on the market today. At AXSIM we strive for the best, and D-BOX is it.



All AXSIM systems can be configured with a D-BOX haptic system, from the compact GFQ up to our incredible GT and Formula Simulators.

Alternatively, as official partners of D-BOX you can purchase a D-BOX system to upgrade your existing simulator directly from our online shop >> click here

Any car, any track, any time.

F1 Simulator

Formula Simulator

Formed from a real Formula 1 mould. The experience is like no other simulator outside of the F1 industry.


Starting from £44,995

motion simulator

GT Simulator

Using the same motion platform as it's Formula sibling, to enjoy a wider range of road or race cars.


Starting from £39,995

GFQ Simulator

GFQ Simulator

Our compact premium sims using only the best components where space is limited.


Starting from £19,995

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