Samsung & AXSIM

Samsung UK chose AXSIM to demonstrate their display technology.

From the 49" ultra-wide Odyssey G9 display, paired with our compact GFQ Simulator, to the ultimate combination of "The Wall" together with our Formula Simulator for the most immersive experience.

The GFQ Simulators are equipped with Samsung's Odyssey G9 ultra-wide 49" display with a curve that mimics the natural curvature of the eye to create an incredibly immersive experience.

The Wall, the latest luxury and super-sized bespoke Samsung display, delivers an unbeatable experience

Professional British racing drivers including The Grand Tour test driver, Abbie Eaton and stunt driver Jessica Hawkins, were invited to set lap times on this new experience.

Aston Martin F1 Ambassador and W Series Driver Jessica Hawkins said...

"It’s without a doubt the best simulator I’ve ever used."

Samsung Simulator
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