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"Immerse in the thrills and spills of Formula One racing behind the wheel and in the comfort of your own home"


The high-tech setup promises to faithfully recreate the racing experience, allowing users to select any car and build specification and race it on any circuit around the world.

Axsim’ racing simulator uses the same patented technology found in high-grade military simulators used to train fighter jet pilots. The impressive tech tricks the brain into feeling g-force sensations, creating a more immersive and authentic experience. It’s also the same system that has been used by F1, Nascar and other race car drivers for years to recreate the sensation of ripping around a race course at 320-plus kilometres per hour.

But it’s not just the tech that’s noteworthy about Axsim’s simulator. The machine itself looks just like a real F1 car – just without the wheels, engine and other mechanical parts. Climb into the cockpit and you’ll find a professional-grade dash set-up, steering wheel and pedals. Together, these elements come together to help the simulator recreate the feeling of getting behind the wheel of a real race car. The company will also fully customise the rig to your exact specifications.

If you’re interested in Axsim’s Formula 1 Simulator, you can reach out the company for pricing info. A simulator of this calibre won’t be cheap, but considering the costs of getting a real race car out on a world-class track, we imagine it’s a bargain.

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