2 Pedal Set – Heusinkveld Sprint


The Throttle Pedal

  • A smooth feel with adjustable spring force and pre-load tension for the perfect feel.
  • Adjustable pedal throw up to 100mm to replicate all kinds of real-life cars.
  • Adjustable pedal angle and pedal-pad height.

The Brake Pedal

  • Engineered to handle over 200kg of pedalforce with absolutely ZERO flex.
  • Utilizing the Tilton 78 Series master cylinders with a rear mounted spherical bearing and one-piece piston/ pushrod eliminate side thrust into the master cylinder bore, providing consistent and repeatable braking and excellent pedal feel.
  • Adjustability is offered through different mounting positions for the master cylinder giving you adjustable pedal-ratios from 3:1 to 5:1 to have the option to have a Formula 1 type pedal-feel or a GT/Roadcar brake-feeling.
  • Further adjustments are possible to make with the Wilwood slave-cylinder that acts as a brake caliper & brakepads.
  • By changing the brake-stack you can get any brake feel you desire and even create you own desired feel.
  • Adjustable pedal angle and pedal-pad height.
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