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AXSIM is the number one choice for your commercial simulator venue.

Using our vast experience of building top of the range simulators that are trusted by many global brands, we are able to provide customised all-in-one commercial venue solutions to suit your individual requirements.

Working with our technology partners, we produce the most accurate, reliable and competitively priced simulator solutions on the market and, with our dedicated support function on hand you can have peace of mind that your ROI duration is kept to a minimum.

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Choosing the Right Setup

We will work with you to create the perfect simulator for your business requirement, not just a one size fits all but a solution that fits your needs and space.

Together with our parent company Cranfield Aerospace Solutions plus technology partners, we have the capabilities and technical knowledge to supply and support with the planning, installation and ongoing operation of your motorsport simulator or eSports venue.

Whether you are considering a new business venture or enhancing your existing venue with the addition of AXSIM simulators, our experienced team can support with the operations, technical on-site and remote support as well as training for your team.

Delivery & Installation

Our simulators are delivered pre-built and ready to use, allowing most standard simulator installations to be achieved in a single day. This results in installations being easily scheduled around the time critical stages of your venue build which generally tend to be set to tight deadlines.

We can also advise and supply certain technical elements of design including any additional audio or visual options, and we can work with you and your contractors for new builds/renovations. Our engineers have worked with a range of difference spaces and premises and we can help you with the layout of your room to optimize the driving experience as well as the surrounding area for guests to view the action.

Training & Support

A comprehensive training session is provided to you and your staff, covering general operation of the simulators for both hardware and software. We also cover general troubleshooting of the most common issues users may face which will be tailored specifically to the simulator configuration you have chosen. The session can either be scheduled at the time of installation or at a later date convenient to you.

We have a dedicated technical support phone line and ticket system, plus the capability to remotely login to the simulator PCs via TeamViewer, providing reassurance that any downtime to your business is kept to a minimum. The majority of minor issues can be dealt with by our customers, so we also have a general support page on our website where you can find an FAQ page covering a number of topics.

Software Solutions

Driving Software

We are a reseller of Assetto Corsa Commercial and Pro licences.

With a large variety of cars and tracks pre-installed as standard, we are able to cater for the needs of any commercial venue with high quality driving physics and customisations.

Customisations include:

  • Car and Track Modelling
  • Car and Track Branding
  • UI Branding

Whilst Assetto Corsa is our preferred choice of driving software, our hardware is compatible with the majority of software titles available on the market should you have your own preference.

Venue Management Software

We work with Virtual Racing Lounge who provide software known as Lounge Control.

Lounge Control is an application for controlling and optimising operations and processes in a commercial venue.

Key development goals included the optimal use of human resources (1-man operation for multiples of simulators) and quality assurance through automated processes, simplified operation and reduction to the essentials.

  • Leaderboard
  • Simulator Management
  • Race Setup and Management
  • Customer Profiles
  • Local Server Operation

Technology Partners

Venue Calculator

We've created a handy tool to help you calculate the amount of revenue you might expect from installing our simulators in your venue.

Feel free to adjust the values in the calculator below to see how many simulators and which type would best suit your requirements.

(Note: Simulator prices are for baseline specifications ie. Level 1 Motion with D-Box and exclude software. Contact us for detailed pricing of other specifications.)

Two columns

Sim Venue Revenue Calculator


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To chat about a potential business opportunity or idea, or to discuss placing an order, please get in touch with our friendly sales staff on:-

Tel: +44(0)1234 900360 E-mail go@axsim.racing

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