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Our Formula Simulators are formed from a real F1 mould, this positions the driver in the exact seating position as in a real formula car.

In addition, only the best components, including the steering wheel and hydraulic pedals, are configured to communicate with the simulation software for a true to life experience, like no other simulator outside of the F1 industry.

Offered in 3 different stages of motion; starting with a suspension platform licensed by the FIA, the governing body of motorsport. Secondly curved rails allow the simulator to move freely to simulate yaw movement, and create the feeling of oversteer. The third stage adds patented Cranfield G-Seat technology to create the sensation of g-force, originally designed for training fighter pilots.

The result? Technology developed to train fighter pilots, previously supplied to F1 teams and professional drivers. Delivered ready-to-race on your favourite circuits in the world, at any time.

F1 Simulator

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Our Formula Simulator is available in 3 different stages, for both immersive home entertainment and professional driver training.

1. Motion ..... £39,900
2. Full-Motion ..... £59,900
3. Full-Motion + G-Force ..... £99,900

Above "ready-to-race" prices include 12 months warranty, initial training and tuning. Made in Britain, sold and supported worldwide. VAT excluded if applicable, finance options available, please contact us for more information.

d-box motion platform

1. Motion

D-BOX Haptic System

The result of 20 years of innovation and perfection is the world's first and only haptic system licensed by the FIA, the governing body of motorsport. Our Formula Simulator uses four dynamic actuators to accurately replicate the suspension of the racecar - allowing the driver to feel not only the sensation of movement but even the smallest details such as vibrations and cracks in the surface of the racetracks. (more about D-BOX >>)


2. Full-Motion

+ Cranfield Yaw Platform

The yaw platform is situated at the base of the simulator and is used to simulate lateral movements of the rear end of the vehicle. This is necessary to feel the limits of traction of the rear tyres, which cannot be achieved by solely depending on the visual system. It is only with a good yaw motion system that a driver can consistently drive right at the edge of the tyre grip limits.

Transitioning from one corner to the next is also felt through this module particularly, for example, driving through high speed chicanes.

Cranfield G-Seat Motion

3. G-Force

+ Cranfield G-Seat

In a real car, accelerations are transmitted to the driver through the seat. As the largest surface area that the body is in contact with, reproducing the same sensations in the simulator is highly important. Within the lining of the seat and belts we fit our unique pneumatic pressure modules to provide sustained g-cueing. Multiple airbags expand and contract to provide sustained pressure, simulating the g-forces felt when cornering, braking and accelerating.

The technology has been derived from our wealth of experience within the aerospace industry and is unique to Cranfield.


All of the above systems come equipped with the following high-end components to complete your simulator.


Precision Sim Engineering GPX Wheel

Used by professional racing drivers and sim racers around the world, the GPX wheel is engineered for immersion. The GPX features a full-colour LCD display and long-lasting polyurethane grips. Optional dual-clutch paddles with an adjustable bite point, magnetic gear shifters and carbon fibre paddles.

Simucube 2 Steering Motor

With up to 25 Nm of torque a direct drive motor is the only known method to achieve sub-millisecond latency and real-life race car dynamic range.

F1 Simulator home

Hydraulic Brakes

Hydraulic pedals widely regarded as the ultimate sim racing pedals. Made from high quality CNC machined aluminium for maximum durability, strength and looks.

Motorsport Harness

Real 6 point harness with quick release buckle available in a choice of colours to complement your design.

OBP sim pedals
KEF Ci160RR-THX Front

KEF Speaker System

Dual KEF ultra-high-performance loudspeakers featuring patented Uni-Q® technology with a 25mm high frequency tweeter mounted in the acoustic centre of the 165mm low frequency woofer delivering exceptionally hi fidelity audio.

REGA Amplifier

Multi-award winning amplifiers from Rega delivering either 30W or 50W of power, designed and assembled in the UK to the highest possible standard with a lifetime warranty.


Cyberpower PC

A built-in high performance PC comes pre-configured and ready-to-race on your favourite race circuits from around the world, laser-scanned to millimetre detail.

SteelSeries Arctis Headset

Designed specifically for PC gaming, enjoy the award-winning sound, comfortable design, and durable quality of Arctis wireless gaming headsets. Every Arctis headset comes with over 20 hours battery life and a Discord-certified microphone ideal for gaming.

GKP_Salon_Prive_2020_[LR]-885 (2)

Samsung Display

As standard our Formula Simulator is supplied with an external Samsung 65" 4K Ultra HD display, with the option to upgrade to a large (up to 98") single screen or triple screens for an immersive experience.

Samsung The Wall

The Wall is a new innovation in home entertainment — a super-sized bespoke display starting at a whopping 110". The Wall delivers extraordinary picture quality with striking contrast and lifelike colours, incredible levels of brightness — in any light.

Samsung Simulator
Richard Seymour - Formula 2

Exclusive Design Service

Your simulator will be painted in your choice of external colour, or commission a one-off unique design by well-known F1 graphic designer, Sean Bull.



We have access to an extensive database of laser-scanned race circuits and road routes from across the globe. Our simulators are compatible with all leading software titles including rFactor, Assetto Corsa, iRacing, Project CARS and many others. Your simulator will arrive fully setup and tuned according to your needs, ready to race 24/7.

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