"The ultimate home racing simulator"

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Our cutting edge technology delivers the most immersive and interactive experience that is perfect for any new or existing space.

Garage Simulator
Luxury Simulator
Garden Simulator

We will work with you to create the perfect simulator for your home, not just a one size fits all but a solution that fits your needs and space.

A typical Simulator installation can be done in a day, we are happy to work with you and your contractors for new builds/renovations. Our engineers have worked with all sorts of spaces and can help you layout the room to optimize the driving experience as well as the surrounding area for guests to view the action. We can also advise or support with any technical elements of design such as lighting, additional audio or visual options.

Your Garage

We can model your real world car, or complete car collection, in the simulation software, creating your own virtual garage. Including matching exterior paint colours, replicating modifications in the virtual world, and working with you on the driving physics so it feels just like the real thing. Any car, any track, any time.

Any car, any track, any time.

F1 Simulator

Formula Simulator

Formed from a real Formula 1 mould. The experience is like no other simulator outside of the F1 industry.


Starting from £44,995

motion simulator

GT Simulator

Using the same motion platform as it's Formula sibling, to enjoy a wider range of road or race cars.


Starting from £39,995

GFQ Simulator

GFQ Simulator

Our compact premium sims using only the best components where space is limited.


Starting from £19,995

Samsung Simulator
KEF speakers simulator

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